We roast our coffee in house four times a week to provide our customers with the freshest coffee and espresso possible. 

Our Goal

We want to be your everyday coffee provider.

That may sound like a humble goal, but we feel it worthwhile. We roast our coffee ourselves which affords us a certain level of control over the quality and price. We source our beans with the intention of producing high quality coffee. We also try to work within a budget which allows us to keep our overall cost lower than usual for a specialty coffee  roaster. While this means that we miss out on some spectacular green coffee beans, we are still able to offer great coffee, roasted in house, at a price that our customers can enjoy everyday. Whether you are dropping in for an espresso, or taking home a growler of iced coffee or bag of whole beans, we are providing products at an exceptional level without charging as much as others. 

As a cafe and as a roaster, we constantly strive to maintain a balance between being cost effective and pragmatic for ourselves and our customers, while still pursuing the excellence which can be found in/around a cup of coffee. 


How do we provide this experience?

Our roaster, John Donovan, selects our coffee beans and roasts them himself three times a week to keep us stocked with consistently fresh coffee. We know not every cup of coffee you drink will be in the friendly setting of our shop so we also sell brewing equipment so you can still have good coffee at home.

Our whole bean coffee is available at our shop for home and office use. We sell our coffee in the bean by the pound. Additionally, you can come in and get a refillable 1 liter growler for iced coffee. Take it home chilled and bring it back empty for a refill at a reduced price.

Like any fine food or drink, good coffee causes us to stop and think for a moment; maybe about the cup itself; maybe about the ceremony of drinking coffee alone or with a friend. To stop, think, and take note during the day is one of the most important things we can do. Ultimately, we would like to help you do that.