The Gelateria has been a fixture of the Tower Grove neighborhood since 2007.  It is wonderful to live and work in such a vibrant neighborhood.  Not only do we have excellent cultural institutions like the Botanical Gardens and Tower Grove Park, but we get to share them with a sincere group of neighbors.  We love regularly bumping into our regulars at the farmer's market or just walking down the street.  

From our beginning we have focused on providing great products to these neighbors and hosting them in a comfortable place where they can connect.  Neighbors come to our shop for many reasons.  Some groups regularly meet at our shop to work together on business or community initiatives.  Some groups come to study and others to grade papers.  People drop in for a coffee on their way to work or for dessert after dinner down the street.  In this way we hope to foster connection with the neighborhood.  We are proud to be part of South Grand in the Tower Grove neighborhood and look forward to a long future here.