The Gelateria, has been a fixture of the Tower Grove neighborhood since 2007.  It is wonderful to live and work in such a vibrant but affordable neighborhood.  Not only do we have excellent cultural institutions like the Botanical Gardens and Tower Grove Park.  But we get to share it with a sincere group of neighbors that we regularly bump into at the farmer's market, park, cafe or just walking down the street.  From our beginning we have focused on providing great products to these neighbors and hosting them in a comfortable place where they can connect.  

Neighborhood people come to our shop for many reasons.  Some regularly meet at our shop to work together for business or community initiatives.  Some come to study and others to grade papers.  People drop in after dinner for desert or for a coffee on their way to work.  All seek and find a comfortable place with something good to eat and drink.  We hope they also find more of a connection to the neighborhood.

This connection to our neighborhood means we do things a little differently.  We have a higher labor cost than comparable chain businesses .  We would rather provide a job to a fellow neighbor for making pastries and gelato from scratch or to roast coffee in house instead of ordering it from a factory.  It complicates things a bit, but this approach tastes better and provides a product and business we can be proud of.  This focus on local labor also means more of the money spent at our shop stays in the neighborhood.  Employees shop at local stores, eat at neighborhood restaurants, and support local artists and musicians.  They pay the local landlord or are paying the mortgage on their own home.  They often bike to work meaning less money goes to gas and then out of the community.  This way, more of the money you spend at our shop finds its way into the community.  Hopefully you also buy our treats because they taste so good.

We are proud to be part of South Grand in the Tower Grove neighborhood and look forward to a long future here.